Roaster Carbon Calculations

The good people at Fresh Cup used the U.S. EPA Carbon Calculator to compare the Roastaire Carbon Footprint with that of a gas roaster.  

A 100 lbs.  of roasted coffee = 1 car off the road for 16 days  

This is how our roasting method impacts the environment. The energy ratio is  2 light bulbs versus the drum roasters 48 light bulbs.  Gas is a cheaper form of energy therefore in dollar terms the approximate heating cost of a gas fired roaster with afterburner is 16¢ per pound vs. the 2.5¢ for the recirculating Roastaire.

Evidently the Roastaire is way more environmentally friendly and cheaper to operate.  

The 100 lbs. of roasted beans represents about 3 hours of roasting, depending on the degree of roast.  Think of the savings to the environment and to the owner.  

It’s time for a cup of freshly roasted coffee and a read about selling carbon credits.




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