This is our 3 kg. fluidized bed coffee roaster which transfers heat to the coffee beans (enhanced by the Coanda Effect) and churns them with a pressurized hot air stream.
The hot air is continually purged and re-circulated for Clean Air Roasting and improved efficiency.  This way the roasting smoke does not re-coat the beans.
Only the bean cooling air is evacuated after the smoke is neutralized.
Therefore the roaster is open to the atmosphere only 2.5% of the roast session.
Green beans are dropped into the Loading Hopper, under the wooden disk visible on the counter.  After the roasting is complete the beans are pneumatically conveyed to the Packaging Hopper.
This is the only larger roaster that roasted inside the Vancouver and Toronto Convention Centres during five Canadian Tea & Coffee shows.  A possible note of interest, no chimney was used.